Intelligent ADs that can tell who you are

The children’s charity Plan UK is to place an electronic ad hoarding by a bus stop on Oxford Street that can tell the gender of a passer-by using facial-recognition software to measure the distance between their eyes, width of their nose, length of the jawline and shape of their cheekbones. If it determines that the viewer is female, it will show a different ad to the one it shows men.

Only women will be able to view the full £30,000 advert commissioned by the children’s charity Plan UK as part of its “Because I Am a Girl” campaign, which aims to ensure girls in the world’s poorest countries are able to receive a good education.

If the device recognises a man it will display a message directing him to the charity’s website.

Privacy campaigners the Open Rights Group call the technology “creepy”. Clear Channel, the company behind the ad, says no data about the passers-by will be stored.

What’s next? Interactive advertising to keep you spending

Mirror images The use of digital cameras within advertisements to overlay products on top of real images. So, for example, a shopper could look at an advert and see a picture of the hat she is thinking of buying as it would look on her own head.

Buy-as-you-browse Touch-screen adverts could enable you to book a table at your local restaurant via the ad hoarding while, for example, waiting at your underground station or bus stop.

Age-appropriate ads As facial-recognition technology becomes more sophisticated, retailers will be able to work out what age bracket you belong to and direct age-specific commercials your way.


~ by digivine on February 22, 2012.

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