You can’t hear it, but your Smartphone can…

SonicNotify is a free app that uses inaudible frequencies to allow television, sports and music fans to benefit from extra content on their smartphone as well.

The company is offering three products – Sonic Live, Sonic Goods and Sonic Cast. Sonic Live seeks to improve interaction at live events via an inaudible, coded frequency played over a PA system or using SonicNotify’s specially-developed ‘beacon’ devices. Although inaudible to the human ear, smartphones in range will be able to detect the sound and produce bonus content as a result, which could range from extra media to participatory polls. Sonic Goods is designed for use in stores, where beacons placed next to items broadcast offers to customers walking past. Sonic Cast, meanwhile, transmits the code through televisions, enabling advertisers to connect with target markets outside of commercial breaks or to allow voting on reality TV programming. Users will also be able to change settings depending on whether they want to actively or passively receive content. SonicNotify explains exactly how the technology works in the video below:

Enabling advertisers to get messages to their desired audience in a less intrusive way, while at the same time providing extra content for consumers, the technology has the potential to be implemented in a variety of ways.


~ by digivine on March 9, 2012.

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