Google glasses – Worth the wait?

Last week Google announced Project Glass, its augmented-reality project in which glasses become your mobile display for AR apps. Not unexpectedly, reactions vary from unabashed sci-fi/geek enthusiasm to curmudgeonly “it’ll never fly” skepticism, as well as the predictable fashion jokes.

There’s no denying the SF/geek angle – the idea of glasses serving as computer screens has been an SF staple for ages. And I do think AR glasses are going to happen sooner or later, if only because AR only has so much appeal when you have to hold the smartphone or tablet between you and the real world to make use of it. Head-mounted displays will make for a much better experience.

Concept Video:

Quick question: How will it work for people who wear glasses? Will we get prescription AR glasses?

Though Google intends to have actual AR glasses out by the end of the year at price points similar to smartphones I still think it will be some time before we get our hands on it. Worth the wait?


~ by digivine on April 11, 2012.

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