Some recent developments in cool technology

Been away for some time now, hence posting a few developments that I cam across over the last few weeks. Some are quite inspiring like the story of a 51 year old Chinese man Sun Jifa, who lost both his hands in an explosion and built his own bionic hands out of scrap metal.
And in another amazing development, a team of Harvard researchers has figured out a way to store 70 billion books in a space the size of your thumbnail. In Sacramento, Stanford University’s self-driving car hit 120 mph in a test drive, and in Ann Arbor, Mich., a small army of “smart,” WiFi-connected cars were deployed to help researchers better understand how to reduce traffic and pollution.

And for those cyclists who want to be safe but cannot stand to be seen wearing a helmet, the world’s first invisible helmet goes on sale. Watch the video here:

New parents have a strong urge to collect everything they can from their child’s early life — from photos and videos to hair and fingernails. Catering to this demand to immortalize infancy is a new product from Japanese firm Fasotec and Hiroo Ladies Clinic — a 3D printed model of your little bundle of joy in utero.

We are after all living in fast paced technology driven world….expect to see many more!

~ by digivine on August 30, 2012.

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