Media Consumption Device Lets You Flip and Shake to Alter News Perspectives

The way we read news has vastly changed in the last 25 years. From newspapers to radio, televisions to computer screens and now even phones and tablets can tell us what’s happening in the world no matter where we are. Instant updates on our social media make it so leaving the rest of the world behind on the commute back home or our weekends off if we want to keep in touch with friends or colleagues. What if there were a way to contain both broadcast and social media news in a way that makes it easy to switch back and forth between these two different perspectives rather than being bombarded on all fronts?

Created by Dhairya Dand and Dan Sawada of the MIT Media Lab, the FlipIt is a new of viewing news in the comfort of your own home. This hardwood-framed book allows you to hear both radio and tweets from one end, and seeing pictures of emerging or ongoing stories on another, changing to world news with a simple shake of the frame. The device also carries a simple button on top to allow the user to share news they enjoy instantly to their social media account.

Will you go for this?


~ by digivine on September 26, 2014.

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