Reliance Jio – The real picture is in the details

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Spoiler Alert!

Reliance Jio is a truly IP based 4G network that uses a packet switched network for making phone calls and receiving calls compared to dedicated circuit switched networks used by legacy carriers(idea, Airtel etc.). They prefer to call it by the adorable name of ‘VoLTE’ (a.k.a. Voice over LTE). Many of the existing Jio users might be familiar with this terminology.

Is then unlimited free calls really free?

As I already said, it’s not. VoLTE uses a Internet Protocol based Packet Switched Network to make outgoing calls and Incoming calls. And for doing the same, VoLTE consumes your data from your plan. Now, well assuming a single channel of audio has got is gonna take up 500KB per minute; to have a full duplex call, you’re consuming about,

500KB + 500KB = 1MB per minute from your data plan.

>>More shocking reveal towards the end.

And all other major cellular carries around the world who does have a VoLTE enabled voice calling feature including AT&T and Verizon are not charging any penny from the users as minutes. Instead, they’re in-turn getting the money by terms of net data consumed.

Is it really Rs.50/GB?

Their announced data tariff doesn’t say so. The minimum amount that one needs to spend per month towards having a Jio connection is Rs.149. Now lets see what you get with it:

Yep. Rs.149 gives you .3GB and 100SMS. Now what is the cost per GB of that basic plan? Lets do the math:

149/0.3 = Rs.450/GB!

Now what does the top tier Rs.4999 data plan gives you? Neglect the free WiFi part. Who want’s what? Math again:

4999/75 = Rs.66.653/GB!

Now the question is who’s ready to Rs.4999 every month on cellular data? Not me. For month’s I’m used to BSNL’s COMBO125 plan which gives me,

177 Minutes to any network in any proximity without consuming my data.200MB of 3G DATA that won’t vanish just like that.100 free SMS to any network in any proximity

Which is very comparable to what Jio is offering as basic except for vanishing data speeds and vanishing data every time I make a call.

So how much does it really cost you to make a call in Jio?

Considering the base plan which costs you Rs.149 which would be very comparable to the amount many of you would be spending monthly on your data and minutes; per GB of data is costing you 450rupees.

Cost per MB = 0.45 paisa Assuming a net of 1MB of data consumption per minute, Cost per minute = 1 * 0.45 paisa = 0.45paisa/minute.

>>Here comes the shittiest part, you’ll need to be spending the exact same amount on receiving calls as well.

Rs.0.45paisa/minute for receiving calls?

Are you good with 300MB/300minutes of incoming/outgoing calls for 149rupees? Or are you really ready to pay Rs.499/month at Rs.124.75/GB? It’s upto you.

That said half of this is mere speculation, we need to see the actual service rolling out by January 2017. It’s upto Jio to decide weather to meter or un-meter the VoLTE data consumed.

Choose wisely. Don’t be fooled.

~ by digivine on September 2, 2016.

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